Our Work

Design Purity

At eTown, we pride ourselves on simplifying complex problems. Whether we’re redesigning an existing site, or building something new, we utilize our expertise to create a design and experience that is easy to use and unique to your brand.

Our Work

Retirement Research Foundation

We worked with Retirement Research Foundation (RRF), an organization devoted exclusively to improving the quality of life for our nation’s older adults, to develop a new site design with a robust “forward-thinking” WordPress construct, which will allow RRF to incorporate new programs and elements moving forward.

For this project, we partnered with MNMarketing (Mary Nowesnick) and LotsaLuck Design (Michele Jackson). We provided UX guidance and handled the development based on Michele’s design specs. We also enhanced the specs to incorporate responsive design for device scalability.

Working with eTown Design was a very enjoyable experience. Josh offered great solutions for organizing large amounts of content. RRF grant seekers quickly find the right information and as a result, the quality of grant requests has greatly improved.

Our website was up and running without a glitch. Josh and Matt trained RRF staff to maintain the new website. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.
Irene Frye, President, RRF

Tuft & Associates

Along with MNMarketing and LotsaLuck Design, we developed a new site for Tuft & Associates, a specialized executive search firm, widely recognized for its superior team of experience search consultants, all drawn from past leadership positions in associations, health care and nonprofits.

The goal of the Tuft & Associates site was to allow for a more optimal user experience, in addition to providing Tuft employees with the ability to easily make changes via a content management system. We worked with Michele, at LotsaLuck Design, to layout the UI (user interface), developed a custom WordPress theme, and configured the WordPress environment to provide a simple platform for site management.

Tuft & Associates

Lotsa Luck Design

Lotsa Luck Design is one of our partner companies, as we’ve worked together over the years to design and develop multiple websites and various other projects. At a point, Lotsa Luck’s principal, Michele Jackson, was looking to launch a one-page, static site based on a new design direction she’d created.

eTown’s role in this project was to provide UX input based on Michele’s design, and then develop the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make the site function to Michele’s specifications. There were some pretty cool features of the site (i.e. logo change based on scroll position), that were pretty cutting-edge at the time of development.

Note: A new Lotsa Luck site has recently been launched. Click here to view the old site (as developed by eTown).

Lotsa Luck Design has worked closely with eTown design on several projects including our own site, RRF, Tuft and MRM Investments. Our partnership always results in the best end-product for the client - sites that are architected to convert with sound strategy, well-designed and flawlessly developed.
Michele Jackson, Principal, LotsaLuck Design
Lotsa Luck Design

Tangent Group

Tangent Group, a manufacturer’s sales organization focused on representing leading electronic component manufacturers, hired us to design and develop their first website. Being a new company, the goal was to launch a simple, informative site that defined who Tangent Group is, in addition to providing some insight about their goals and partnerships.

Being that minimal updates were required for the site, it was decided to develop a static site, which we assist in maintaining. The overall site design was developed based on Tangent’s brand identity and color palette. We’ve continued to work with Tangent since the initial site launch and look forward to the possibility of expanding and enhancing the site in future iterations!

Josh and Matt not only had great ideas for the development of our website but their execution and implementation has exceeded our expectations. The continued support and responsiveness that we receive from the eTown team has truly been exceptional. I would highly recommend!
John Hautzinger, Tangent Group
Tangent Group


We worked with Bookli (eBookli.com) to develop a site that was focused on providing e-book deals, in addition to book and movie news/reviews. The home page utilizes an “endless scroll” design to allow additional News & Reviews content to load via page scroll, and the site also features a responsive design, so it adapts to all devices while also maintaining much of the same functionality seen on larger devices. In addition, the site was developed within a customized WordPress configuration.

The long-term goal of the site is to offer readers with outstanding e-book deals through a mixture of website and email offers. Be sure to visit and subscribe to find some great offers!

Awesome and above-and-beyond are the two thoughts that come to mind about eTown's work. Josh and Matt brought our concept to life by providing great design concepts and developed an easy to use site management platform. Plus, they've provided us with additional guidance and on-going support since the site launched!
Karly Kirkpatrick, Founder, Bookli
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