Clear Direction

Clear Direction

Our process provides a web site strategy and design that are easy to understand for you and your visitors. Many web design companies just gather requirements and churn out a site without considering the unique needs of each client. We work directly with you to determine the short- and long-term goals for your site, and we use that information to develop a flexible structure and design that can adapt as those goals change.

Our Process – Step 1

01: Strategize

Defining the strategy and direction should be the first step in any web design project. As part of this step, we have an open dialogue to determine your goals and how we can translate those into a well-rounded design that is tailored to fit your needs.

Our Process – Step 2

02: Design

After defining the strategy and requirements, we shift to the design phase. In this phase, we begin with wireframe creation to determine a layout direction. Upon wireframe approval, design comps are developed based on the approved wireframe specs.

Our Process – Step 3

03: Develop

In the "Develop" phase, we work to create stylesheets, HTML and JavaScript per the approved design comp. If a CMS (content management system) is part of the project requirement, this is the phase we configure the system and template files.

Our Process – Step 4

04: Launch

The final phase is "launch". In this phase, we work through the process of site validation, compatibility testing, client review and training, and site launch. Post-launch, we keep an open-dialogue to continue adapting and working toward long-term goals.